Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick and Dirty...Just the Way You Like it, Pervert

I haven't updated for a while. The new school year has begun, so I'm rather busy attempting to remember names. Actively pining for some of the folks that have left takes up a bit of time too.

Some nifty tidbits to hold you over until I feel inspired (read: bored with a few drinks in me) enough to tailor another brilliant entry.

Educational Irony of the Month: Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio wanted to write an "honor code" that banned plagiarism and cheating.

So they used someone else's they found online.

Classy, U of T kids. Classy.

Educational Quote of the Month: "We can't make the cows heavier by weighing them more often."

North Carolina Governor Mike Easley, on the utter pointlessness of the constant standardized testing of students. Gee, ya think someone else would notice that we test kids more than we teach 'em. Good job, Mike!

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