Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yay favorite family that isn't mine!

A week ago Saturday I went to a graduation party for a former student. If you're like most of my friends, you're wondering why I dragged my ass out of bed at 6AM on a Saturday (my first official Saturday of summer, I might add) and drove 6 hours across the state to hang out with a high school student and her family. Well, dammit: because I said I would. And, quite frankly, because I really missed her. Strange it is, the teacher/student relationship. Some students you dislike; not because they misbehave or they tell shitty jokes in class, but because you know they simply aren't good people. Sad to say, but sometimes you can see that there are kids in your classroom that just don't have good "souls", if you will. They're mean-spirited and do hurtful things for the sake of being hurtful. Others you're simply indifferent about. Kind of the relationship of politeness. You get along with them, but really don't think of them when they leave your room. Some you really like, you look forward to the period that they're in class because they really amuse you, or they do really good work, or they're always chipper and their energy gives you energy. There are some, though, that kind of transcend the student "rating scale". You don't just want them to do well in school, you want them to do well in life. You don't want so much to know what they're doing as you want to know how they're feeling. It's kind of hard to verbalize. Regardless, this was one of those students. Hers is an awesome family too. It's funny how those of us with really great fmailies never notice the fact that we have really great families.

Well, there's a lot more to this, but I tend not to go into the deeply personal while writing on the Internet. You'll all have to wait until I die and read my memiors. Suffice to say I was very, very happy that I went.


Vatter of shameless advertising said...

It's a shame that I'll now have to mock you relentlessly next time I see you for being sentimental. Or not, but you get the malicious intent, do you not?

I, for one, missed this little blog of yours.

Anonymous said...

im glad you came to...but we already talked about this so i wont get sentimental either. all is well.