Sunday, July 03, 2005

The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

So maybe I haven't posted anything in months. I doubt this site has a very large fan base so I doubt anyone has missed me much. Hell, I haven't even missed me much. But I've been kinda busy. The wife and I bought a house. We haven't closed yet, so we don't technically own it. Our mood can best be described as "cautious excitement". Honestly, that's horseshit. My mood can be best described as "dammit, now I am going to have to paint all summer". The place is in very good shape so there isn't a whole lot to do, with the exception of personalizing it. The woman in there now painted her fireplace white. Why, God, why? Why do people insist on taking nice, expensive building materials, like masonry and hardwood, and painting them!? When we close and are in the place, I'll post some pics.

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Anonymous said...

i missed it!!! you underestimate the power your blogging has! -ly